I challenge myself to 30 days of exercise in the morning.

  1. The goal is to run for 15 minutes or 2km distance whichever comes first. You can vary from indoor and outdoor runs.
  2. Train with weights (2 body parts, 1 large muscle group and 1 smaller. For example: Chest and biceps for 3 repetitions
  3. Third step is to document what you did that day. Be it on social media(Video or voice note) or on a notebook. This enables you to track your progress

The training should not exceed 45 minutes. Most importantly, remember that you are training for your self improvement. It will be hard on the first 3 days but consistency does pays off.

I normally workout while listening to motivational speeches. It helps me a lot.

Hit me up if you have any questions. Let’s do this!

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